Donald J. Trump. Racist or Not? – No Donald is Not a Racist.
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Future President

Presidential Proposal to the Honorable Donald J 

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No Donald is Not a Racist. Nor is the Honorable Justice Clarence Thomas. With So Many Insults & Attacks from Blacks; Eggs on My Front Porch, In My Yard. One Just Gets Tired.  My Front Yard Has Repeatedly Been Vandalized.

We Get Tired of Black Hate and All Hate. Once Upon a Time Blacks Were Black &  Proud. What Happened to Us?  As Too Thug?  I Am a Thug for God & Christ. In Afghanistan, I Was a Thug for This Nation (for each & every one of you).  Let’s Thug Up for Honor, Love, Respect & Forgiveness.  Don’t Tell Me Blacks Cannot Succeed at Honor & Grace as Goal.  Not Hearing Nor Believing Such


Below a Handicap Vietnam Veteran.

The Greatest person I met at that trump rally.  

Presidential Proposal to the Honorable Donald J_Page_4

July 19th 2016

Donald J. Trump…

May 3rd 2016 19:00 or so hours.                                                                                      

Donald J. Trump, the Republican long-shot candidate: has cinched the Nomination for the Republican Party in 2016.  Presumptive, until Ted Cruz suspended his bid for President.

We are waiting for the Kasich to wisen up and give it up.  Since intelligence does not seem to be Mr. Kasich’s strongest suit, Kasich may refuse to accept the honorable out.

Thievery can be very tantalizing to dishonesty.

As a Trump supporter, I do not espouse Donald as one perfect.  Of course not.  I even ran a Facebook election campaign on F.B. in both Indiana & California.

More to come as we and The Don move towards the general election.


Cruz Quits


Donald J Trump…P.O.T.U.S. With Chutzpah


       Below is the written script of the “Murder in Dallas-Officers Down”

Dallas, Texas July 7th 2016 “Officers Down”:


The Following Tweets were given so that the tragedy as described below, might be avoided.  However, none who saw them; responded or asked even the dumbest of questions.  That dumb question, is in fact “no question at all” the question of total silence. 

As such, we know the terror Dallas suffered on that very fateful day.  For years now, I have tried to help this Nation be spared from the march of unnecessary death as it makes its way across our lands.  The problem first is always the resounding thud of people who could help deliver these messages; but for reasons unclear; they would rather see death, than life, dedicated to the values of Jesus outside the church.  Yes, His Ministry was not about Churches but The Preservation of Life. 

In this regards, I have compiled a book: Which I titled:
“Last of the Lost Worlds”. Subtitled; “Discovery of the Human Aliens:   Website @ http://lastofthelostworlds.org/
These titles are a direct representative of the unbelievable fear or do not care attitude by everyone I have sought to help this cause of Saving Lives.  I will readily admit, the resistance from nearly all seems to be based on my determination to include Jesus on a very personal and very real platform in my life.   This was my promise: To always Remember that Thing called the cross and what He suffered.
I will say the only two exceptions I can readily acknowledge are:
Donald J. Trump; Hopefully our next President and
Sean Hannity of Fox News
I should also confess: if I have been Blessed to foresee some incidents: Chances are they can be STOPPED!
That Tweet Now Follow:

The Warning Tweet is Below and Above in the Video

L CJ Cary ‏@LCJCary  Jun 17

Dear Friends: If U live n N.E. USA, Central USA & an area of W.C. USA the following is not hopeful.

It appears, terrorist attacks are…

L CJ Cary ‏@LCJCary  Jun 17

Approaching. Attack of Distractions. Hotel/convention center; many souls. From those outside.

A strong wind blows or so it seemed.

L CJ Cary ‏@LCJCary  Jun 17

In the role of those called First: It Seems upon them the weight of all others.

If Heroes ever were, These Noble Uniforms, For-ever Are.

L CJ Cary ‏@LCJCary  Jun 17

Cower shall not be amongst their noble deeds.

Several time frames. the number of 60 & its orphan by half of those cycles of sun & such. Pray

L CJ Cary ‏@LCJCary  Jun 17

If U find forewarning is more disarming than, disillusioning:

Then: disconnect is an acceptable step. Ostrich lives.

L CJ Cary ‏@LCJCary  Jun 17

I suppose I should say, ” if a builder knew his building could fall”.?

He must have known steps to keep it erect. But who asks of him? None

L CJ Cary ‏@LCJCary  Jun 17
The why none asked? This is very simple. None suspected;

As they traversed floor to floor. Faith yes, misplaced? Of course. Prayer…4 sure


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